All Star Pest Control is here for both your home and your business! We have extensive experience in commercial pest control whether you have a small storefront or manage an entire office building. Let us help you keep your business environment safe and pleasant with effective treatment and preventative care. With All Star Pest Control, you’ll get year-round maintenance, a customized solution, and advice on preventative measures that are specific to your business and services.

Identify a Problem

If you suspect a pest problem at your place of business, call in the professionals to identify the pest and the issue. It’s important to maintain a safe environment for both your employees and your customers with an exterminator company that specializes in commercial pest control.

Custom Solutions

While North Texas has pests that are more common to our climate and area, each business can present different and unique challenges. ¬†A restaurant, after all, has different pest control needs than a boutique clothing store. All Star Pest Control’s team of exterminators will evaluate the premises for the source of the problem, any possible entry points, and any areas inside the building or office that may be attracting the pests. We will then develop a custom solution for your specific business and building.


Maintaining a clean and safe environment for the employees and customers at your company is not a one-shot deal. It’s an ongoing process. At All Star Pest Control, we stand behind our work. If your pest problem persists, we will come back and continue treatment until we fix the issue and keep it from returning.


Prevention is one of the best ways to manage a pest control problem in your office or place of business. When we come out to treat your pest control issue, we will go over any preventative measures that you can take as a business owner to help keep the problem from returning. ¬†However, the most effective prevention method comes in the form of our bi-monthly prevention plan. With our prevention plan, our professionals will come out periodically throughout the year to inspect your business for any sign of pests or potential problems, as well as create a “barrier” around the building preventing entry. Regularly scheduled pest control maintenance also helps catch any issues early, making treatment much more manageable. With our maintenance plan, stop the problem before it even starts!

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When running a business, you always want to put your best foot forward. It can be difficult to keep your customers returning if they see a bug or a roach scurry across the floor while you’re trying to do business. It’s distracting and potentially unsafe. Whether you suspect you have a pest problem, know for a fact you have a pest problem, or simply want to keep the health and safety of your employees a priority with pest prevention, call All Star Pest Control to cover all your commercial pest control needs and concerns.

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