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Why Choose All Star Pest Control?

You may think you can take care of your pest control problem without hiring an exterminator. However, proper pest control and management is a challenging and ongoing process, not something that happens overnight or after a quick trip to the hardware store. When you call in the professionals, you can be sure your pest control problem will be taken care of quickly and effectively.

The All Star approach covers every aspect of pest management, from inspection to maintenance, in order to keep your home or business free of any and all pests. Additionally, we specialize in both residential and commercial pest control. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner we have the tools and decades of expertise to address your pest problems, large or small. Our biggest concern is keeping your space clear of pests so that you can have a safe environment for your family or your customers.

When you call All Star, we will take you through a process of identification, treatment and maintenance, as well as go over preventative measures you can take that are specific to your home or property.

Here is what you can expect from our process when we show up to inspect and treat your pest problem.


The first step is to perform an in-depth inspection that will allow our pest control professional to identify the pest or pests and locate the source of the problem. In addition to locating the source of the problem, our specialist will identify any entry points within the home or problem areas in the home that could be contributing to your pest problem. Keeping pests at bay outside the home is nearly as important as treatment inside the home! We will also examine the exterior of your property to point out any potential breeding grounds or problems that need to be addressed.


The next step is to treat the problem. There is no single product or method that that takes care of every different type of pest. Obviously, rodents will require a different method of pest control than termites. Different homes and properties present different challenges to pest control, as well. In addition to getting rid of the pests, we will help you locate and seal any entry points within your property. We will create a customized plan of action to resolve the issue using a variety of methods.  We make sure that all of our pest control methods and placement are both effective and safe for you, any family and pets or customers, and the environment.


Having a pest-free home is never a “one and done” ordeal. It requires regular attention, care and maintenance. We will provide you with year-round maintenance and an open line of communication to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our services and remain pest free. We stand behind our work. If your pest issue isn’t completely taken care of or continues to be a problem we will return until the issue is cleared up. At the same time, it’s up to you to keep your eyes and ears open and call us if you notice any signs that your problem has recurred or a new pest issue has arisen.


Prevention is the best medicine! Our custom maintenance plans offer you year-round protection in the form of a “barrier” that protects your property from future invading pests. Ask us about our bi-monthly treatment plans. There are many benefits to having a pest control maintenance plan. With an annual plan, our exterminators will evaluate your property periodically throughout the year to help prevent problems. This also helps with early detection. The biggest advantage is that with a maintenance plan, we address all current and potential pest problems instead of just the isolated one you are currently experiencing. With our multi-annual inspections we are looking for all the critters that could be plaguing your home or business and combat the problem before it even starts.


All Star Pest Control works hard to not only get rid of pests but also to ensure that they stay out. If you even suspect you have a pest problem, it’s important to catch it earlier rather than later. Pests, such as termites, can often damage the integrity of your home or building’s structure. They also often present real health risks. Pests also tend to multiply like it’s their job. This means a little problem can become a full-blown infestation quicker than you may think.  Schedule your no-obligation inspection and our All Star professionals will individually tailor a plan of action to free your home of pests.

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