Wood Destroying Insects

Termites are one of the leading pest problems among homeowners in Texas today. These pests can cause major damage to structures which can result in massive financial losses . Termites are considered silent destroyers as homeowners may not always detect their existence in the household. Little do they know that these pests could be thriving in the ceiling, basement, and other parts of the house. They rarely leave any signs of immediate damage.


The termite colony relies on workers to create tubes and find food

Termite Soldier

The soldiers protect the colony from ants and other predators


These are the reproductive termites of the colony

Termite Damage

This is an example of what termite damage looks like

Termites only require four major conditions to survive. These conditions include food, moisture, optimal temperature, and a structure. This makes all houses ideal for termite infestation regardless of its type of construction.


The sight of swarming winged termites is a sign that a termite colony is present and that the colony has had enough time to fully mature. They are most active during spring and are attracted to different sources of lights. These pests move from one breeding site to another after mating. Therefore, they can create a one colony after another. This allows the infestation to spread quickly throughout a neighborhood.


Simple measures can be taken to help prevent an invasion of termites. Leaks that cause moisture problems can draw termites in to the household. They should be repaired and taken care of accordingly. Piles of wood and dead tree stumps should be removed as they provide a source of food that attracts termites. Getting a termite treatment is an investment that could potentially save you thousands of dollars down the road. The All Star team can help you to be termite free. Call today to set up your termite inspection. (469) 363-1657

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